What Is Custom Club-Fitting? 

Custom club fitting is building or altering one club at a time for a specific golfer whereby the length, loft & lie angles, face angles, shaft flex, shaft weight, total weight, swing weight, moment of inertia (MOI), balance and grip size MATCHES precisely each different golfer's combination of size, strength, athletic abilities and swing characteristics.


Done correctly, each golfer will see a remarkable change in the way they strike the ball and a vast improvement of how they play the game within the first few rounds they use the clubs.


Club-fitting can be associated with a car valet service whereby you can take your vehicle to the local car wash and run it quickly through the 'Quick Dry’ process, or you could make the effort of going to the professional valet service facility and leave it there for a day or two whereby your vehicle will be washed inside and out, seats removed for thorough cleaning and the paintwork be polished. For this service you pay more but you receive the best treatment you will find and you feel EXTREMELY GOOD about your car :-).


An in-depth fitting process will make you feel good knowing your golf equipment has received the best attention you can find. Ball striking will be more square, thus producing more energy transfer to the ball and better ball flight. Ultimately you are guaranteed of lowering your score as you hit more fairways, greens in regulation and an overall improvement in your golf game.


If you are interested in playing to the best of your ability, there is only one way to procure your golf clubs; that is to be professionally custom fitted so that your golf clubs matches YOU and the manner in which YOU play your game.



Who Needs Custom Club-Fitting? 



Although the obvious answer is everybody, to be more realistic, there are certain golfers who would reap increased golfing pleasure by having their equipment custom tailored to fit them correctly. 

First type – Golfers playing with clubs that are not correctly adjusted. This applies specifically over junior golfers and lady golfers that receive the typical “hand me down” clubs from family members.

This also refers to players with incorrect incrementally set clubs. Here we refer to the heads of irons for their loft and lie angles which are not properly set and checked during manufacturing. The percentage of players playing incorrect sets of loft and lies are over 70% of all golf equipment being played today.

Second type – Golfers with unusual physical characteristics such as short or long fingers, extremely tall with short arms, or extremely short with long arms. Many golfers in these categories adjust to their clubs instead of the clubs to them.

Third type – The golfer that has some kind of consistent undesirable playing characteristic that is predictable and usually firmly rooted in golfers' mental approach to the game. Golfers that consistently hitting the ball too high or too low, hooking or slicing, pushing or pulling the ball to name but only a few of the more common characteristics.

The last type of Golfer  – is the very low handicapped or scratch golfer who more or less knows what he/she likes and feels comfortable with, but who would benefit with the expert assistance of a skilled golf professional or possibly someone that's trained in this area.



The Custom Club-Fitting Process 


The most accurate and successful process involves striking golf balls on a GRASS DRIVING RANGE, rather than on artificial grass mats, thus the club interaction with the turf is also evaluated during any alterations.


The total process of custom fitting is an exciting and most of the time a very educational experience to golfers of all levels.


Finding the optimum setup and composition is an intrigue process for the professional fitter and he/she should have an in-depth understanding of the implications to adjustments, follow a logical process and be mechanically sound.


The professional fitter will typically evaluate the golfer's clubs and learn about any physical requirements and/or limitations of the golfer.


The swing will be analyzed and personal preferences are noted.


Professional fitters are not only equipped with an in depth knowledge of fitting intricacies, but are equipped with state-of-the-art tracking and measuring devices which provide valuable measurable data for comparisons and history tracking/measuring.


Nothing “beats" the actual feel, sound and visual feedback obtained on a grass driving range. Not all fitters or golfers has the PRIVILEGE of such facilities and should be appreciated and utilized to its full extend, when available.


Many fitting aspects could initially be evaluated indoors in swing booths, but the “proof of the pudding” lies on the grass range where the real feel, sounds, and looks, are finally captured in producing the TEST CLUB.


Once final specifications are captured and agreed for the test club, your professional fitter will produce the exact same club as the test club.


At Club Works we capture and record the assembly data every step of the way when producing custom clubs.

This measuring step in the process provides our valuable clients the unique opportunity for the replacement of the EXACT SAME CLUB as the one delivered should it ever become necessary to replace a broken or lost club, anywhere when required.


Equipment utilized at Club Works are industry state-of-the-art quality and ensures accurate products. This will ensure customers that clubs are produced/altered accurately and on time.




As the “gurus” in the club-making industry is saying: “Golf technology is at its limits to produce REMARKABLE and SIGNIFICANT differences to golfers”, yet there is one technology left for golfers which will significantly and remarkably improve their golf game: CUSTOM CLUB-FITTING.


Since the 1800’s golf clubs were produced by club makers one golf club at a time to one golfer at a time. As the club making industry grew, due to the amount of golfers participating, so did the marketing ‘hype’ to sell golf clubs that were now being produced at one-size-fits-all.


Significant different materials and technologies were being used to produce more accurate and longer golf shots, so much so that official limitations had to be placed by golfing governing bodies on designers of equipment which will be used in tournament events.


As competition grew in the industry, so were some less remarkable technologies being marketed to the less technically minded golfers as improvements to their golf, which does not happen.


Here at Club Works we assist you in getting through the marketing ‘hype’ by providing equipment that complies to legal golfing limits, which has high performance and in specifications and is custom fit to YOUR specific requirements.



The Result 



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