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Video: Why Professional Custom Club-Fitting?

Wishon Golf welcomes all golfers to take just 2 minutes to learn why professional custom fitting can help golfers achieve measureable shot and score improvement.

If you’ve been one of the millions who has always bought golf clubs off the rack in a retail golf store, pro shop or online and wondered why you did not achieve the improvement promised in the marketing claims for the clubs you bought, it is time to learn exactly why and how professional custom fitting can enable you to play better golf and enjoy the game much more.


Educational Videos
Tom Wishon Golf Technology has produced a series of brief videos to enable golfer to learn the facts about professional Clubfitting. What are the differences between custom fitting compared to buying golf clubs off the rack in a retail golf store or pro shop? How does custom Clubfitting actually work and how can golfers expect to benefit when professionally fit for their golf clubs? What are the facts about how the golf equipment industry works? What are some of the facts concerning the performance of the shaft in golf clubs and how will a custom Clubmaker help golfers find the best shaft for their game?

Tom Wishon has been one of the most respected and most experienced people in the technical side of the golf equipment industry for many years. With more than 300 different clubhead designs to his credit including more than 50 different design firsts, through 9 books and more than 200 published technical articles in virtually every golf publication in the world, no one in the golf industry has done more to advance the truthful understanding of how golf clubs perform for golfers. Wishon Golf welcomes your interest in learning more through our brief videos about professional Clubfitting. We also plan to increase the number of videos as well as topical subjects so please check back from time to time.